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About Masterfix


Masterfix –  One-stop shopping for the blind riveting distributor market. 

Masterfix Products is one of Europe's main blind riveting technique professional brands under the STANLEY Engineered Fastening umbrella.

It owes its excellent reputation to the successful distribution of the broadest range of blind rivets, blind rivet nuts and bolts in the business, and by offering extremely competitive prices and a reliable and continuous stock supply. The same goes for our line of accompanying hand- and power tools.

Our success is a result of 30+ years of experience in the industry and by focusing on supplying our product range solely through the distributor market for blind fasteners and accompanying tools. In doing so we have become the leading brand used in the field of service & repair and small-to-medium sized industry. As early as 1985 we already ventured into relations with co-partners in the Far East. Because of this we established great reliable partnerships and are able to have a leading role in the product range, the technique and quality delivered, and can do this in a very cost efficient way.

Being the distribution brand under the STANLEY Engineered Fastening umbrella Masterfix greatly benefits from the experience and knowledge this Global leader in blind fastening techniques has to offer.

Sales & Marketing
The Masterfix brand is available throughout Europe with direct sales representation in Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Germany, The Nordics and The United Kingdom with the Head Office in the Netherlands. Our international sales teams are in close contact with our partners as well as each other. This enables us to continuously monitor and evaluate the field to make sure we stay in touch with the industry and on top of the market. In doing so we provide our clients with a well balanced and useful program, adjusted to market needs and ready to adapt to future developments. The international Masterfix customer service centers are staffed by thoroughly trained multi-lingual professionals as are our regional service and repair centers, representing Masterfix throughout Europe and beyond.

We have modern, well stocked central warehouses at our disposal in The Netherlands as well as several other international locations. We therefore are able to guarantee a reliable and continuous product supply to our clients.